Legends of the White Gator

Close Up of Alligator Head


The white alligators are among the rarest alligators around. They’re limited to the Southeastern United States. In 1987 at the bayou of southwest New Orleans 18 infant White Alligators were discovered. Out of these 18 only 10 of these have survived. There’s not really a great deal of difference between them and the rest of the alligators. Like others they live in freshwater, swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes and little bodies of all the southeastern United States. The only difference is the color of the skin looks like”White Chocolate”. They are sometimes known as the”Swamp Ghost”.

Believe it or not there are two types of white Alligators. These two are extremely similar, however there are minor differences between them. Albino’s have a pink or red eyes in which White Alligators have blues eyes. Contrary to the White Alligators, Albinos are extremely weak creatures.

White Alligators are very beautiful to look at, and equally as adorable and mesmerizing as other alligators. Unfortunately the only way to observe a white alligator now is to go to some of the few zoos that have made a home for them. This is a result of the fact that they really have white pigments. Which means their skin is truly just white skin.

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